An Overview of CT Scans: How They Work

Have you ever wondered how a CT scan works? Whether you’re considering having one done or just curious about the technology behind it. However, understanding more about CT scans can be helpful. To help you understand this topic, we’ll provide an overview of a CT scan and how it works. So you can make informed … Read more

What is Knowledge Management?

Organizations are formed by collective knowledge and will fail or succeed depending on the techniques used to store, share and capture information. Also, how effectively an organization manages the available information within the system will affect how fair it will be in competition to be at the top. Employees and the organization management in general … Read more

3 Issues That Hinder EHR Interoperability and How to Solve Them

Although EHR solutions have been in the spotlight for over a decade, they are still riddled with some persistent interoperability issues. The importance of EHR interoperability has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Exchanging EHR data allows for not only more efficient patient treatment but also for faster understanding of the pandemic in a particular patient population. … Read more

Healthcare Trends 2023 – Industry Leaders Weigh In

COVID-19 has forever changed the way people approach healthcare, including patients choosing telehealth over in-person visits and avoiding hospitals whenever possible. But even before COVID-19 impacted the environment, changes were underway as large corporations and nimble upstarts identified the many drawbacks of traditional healthcare in the United States and determined that they could improve upon … Read more

Top Health Tech Jobs for Those Who Love Tech

When you hear the word tech, what comes to mind? Do you picture someone sitting at a computer trying to develop a new app? If so, it’s okay. Most people don’t automatically associate tech with anything else, especially healthcare. Health tech is a booming industry with plenty of job opportunities. All you need is the … Read more