Report: Majority of Top Health Systems are Spending More on Interoperability This Year

Report: Majority of Top Health Systems are Spending More on Interoperability This Year

More than half of technology leaders at the country’s top health systems said they’re investing more money into interoperability initiatives in 2023 than they did last year, according to a recent reports from healthcare interoperability software provider Health Gorilla, Health Gorilla surveyed 40 chief information officers and chief medical information officers at the top 50 … Read more

An Overview of CT Scans: How They Work

Have you ever wondered how a CT scan works? Whether you’re considering having one done or just curious about the technology behind it. However, understanding more about CT scans can be helpful. To help you understand this topic, we’ll provide an overview of a CT scan and how it works. So you can make informed … Read more

What is Knowledge Management?

Organizations are formed by collective knowledge and will fail or succeed depending on the techniques used to store, share and capture information. Also, how effectively an organization manages the available information within the system will affect how fair it will be in competition to be at the top. Employees and the organization management in general … Read more

Former Execs From Datavant & Grand Rounds Create Health Data Startup

Former Execs From Datavant & Grand Rounds Create Health Data Startup

A new healthcare data company Launched last week with $3.4 million in initial funding. Two healthcare industry veterans founded the San Francisco-based startup, named Crescendo Healthto improve the way patients contribute data to clinical studies. “In music, ‘crescendo’ is a term that signifies a state of transformation into something grander,” said Sam Roosz, Crescendo’s CEO … Read more

3 Issues That Hinder EHR Interoperability and How to Solve Them

Although EHR solutions have been in the spotlight for over a decade, they are still riddled with some persistent interoperability issues. The importance of EHR interoperability has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Exchanging EHR data allows for not only more efficient patient treatment but also for faster understanding of the pandemic in a particular patient population. … Read more

Healthcare Trends 2023 – Industry Leaders Weigh In

COVID-19 has forever changed the way people approach healthcare, including patients choosing telehealth over in-person visits and avoiding hospitals whenever possible. But even before COVID-19 impacted the environment, changes were underway as large corporations and nimble upstarts identified the many drawbacks of traditional healthcare in the United States and determined that they could improve upon … Read more

Healthcare’s Digitization: Coming to Terms with Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk

Healthcare's Digitization: Coming to Terms with Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk

Healthcare technology has evolved significantly in recent years. For example, electronic health record systems, clinical information systems, patient portals, and electronic billing systems are commonplace today. New solutions leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming how we diagnose and treat disease. Telemedicine networks connect patients to doctors and specialists across the country, and nanomedicine … Read more

10 Key Medtech Themes for 2023

10 Key Medtech Themes for 2023

The combination of rapid developments in novel healthcare technology and heightened demand for integrated tech-enabled care has continued to fuel innovation in the medtech industry. At the same time, medtech innovators – whether in digital health, wearables and AI-driven offerings in healthcare, or diagnostics, telemedicine and health IT solutions – continue to face a patchwork … Read more

Should Patients Have the Right to Own Their Clinical Trial Data?

What Healthcare Can Learn From Retail About Improving the Patient Experience

Participants in clinical trials donate their health information so researchers can learn more about the risks and benefits of new treatments. During a clinical study, all kinds of personal information are collected: from genetic sequencing to cholesterol measurements, CT scans to IQ results. This data is then analyzed by researchers to answer specific research questions. … Read more

How Healthcare Practices Can Achieve True Interoperability—And What That Means for the Business

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There’s a lot of talk about efficiency in healthcare, yet, the key – interoperability – is often acknowledged and rarely executed. Not achieving true interoperability, however, has left many practices with Frankenstein-like systems that have a mind of their own. When systems are operating under different rules and speaking different languages, every single stakeholder’s experience, … Read more