College Health Requirements

  Many colleges and universities have specific requirements regarding students’ health, and some require specific vaccinations. Some schools, for example, require students to get the hepatitis B vaccine. Others require students to get the COVID-19 vaccine and be screened for meningitis. CUH is no different. Students should follow the guidelines to the letter to avoid … Read more

Choosing a Health Resort

  When choosing a health resort, it is important to consider the needs of your body and mind. Some health resorts offer classes, counseling, and other resources that can help you cope with emotional changes. Some even offer individual counseling. You should also be aware of any major health conditions or illnesses you have. For … Read more

Health Smart Source

  A startup company called Health Smart Source S.P.A. is working to create an international symposium and platform for smart medicine. The company hopes to use the new technology to improve health care. The company is based in Milan, Italy. They have a service agreement and data collection tool. They are also working to establish … Read more

What Is Environmental Health and How Does It Affect People and the Environment?

  Environmental health is a branch of public health that focuses on factors that affect the health of people and the environment. It studies the health effects of different factors in the environment and the requirements for a healthy environment. This includes microbes, pollution, and hazardous chemicals. Environmental health professionals help governments, companies, and individuals … Read more

How We Talk About Food Affects Our Health

  The way we talk about food is a key part of our overall health. We hear that more points equal more reward, but what about the language we use when talking about foods? How do we frame them as being healthy or unhealthy? There are several misconceptions about what constitutes healthy and unhealthy food, … Read more

Health After Quitting Smoking

  Quitting smoking can have a number of side effects. These include cardiovascular disease and other cancers. However, the benefits are more than just cosmetic. Quitting smoking can also improve your immune system. You will be able to breathe better and you’ll feel less stressed. Not only that, but your lungs will be healthier, and … Read more

What Is a Health Assessment?

  A health assessment is an evaluation of the patient’s current health status and needs. It will identify any needs a skilled nursing facility, healthcare system, or both might have in order to provide a quality care plan. The process includes a physical examination and health history. It will also help determine the best course … Read more

Health Assistance and Nursing Assistant Programs

  Health assistance and nursing assistants are responsible for providing basic care to patients. While their work is similar to that of medical assistants, they have more responsibilities. They help patients move, bathe, and monitor vital signs. While they are not licensed to give medical advice, nursing assistants are often the primary caregivers in nursing … Read more