Implications of a Health Definition for Practice, Policy, and Research

  A new health definition focuses on a broader view of health. This definition identifies health as a dynamic, continuous, multidimensional, and adaptive state of well-being. It has implications for practice, policy, and research. In particular, the new definition addresses the relationship between health and disability and chronic conditions. Dimensions Dimensions of health are a … Read more

The Benefits of Health Impact Assessments

  Health impact assessments (HIAs) are methods and procedures that allow for the assessment of a health impact of a specific project or activity in a community. They help to raise public awareness about health concerns and facilitate intersectoral collaboration. They are often used as a prerequisite for development and environmental assessment. This article describes … Read more

What Is Health Management?

  Health management is a field that focuses on leadership in the health sector. The field includes all sectors of health, including primary, secondary, and tertiary care. It involves the coordination, organization, and administration of health services and health systems. It also encompasses hospital networks. If you are interested in working in this field, there … Read more