What Is the Health Department?

  What are the functions of a state health department? These vary from state to state. Some have centralized governance while others have decentralized or mixed systems. These departments also regulate and enforce regulations regarding tobacco and food. They help to prevent diseases and promote health in the community. The health department also oversees a … Read more

Health Equity and Indicators of Health

  The concept of health equity is about access to the determinants of health, such as wealth, power, and prestige. Health equity can be seen as a social justice issue. By improving access to these factors, health can be better distributed and improved. Among other factors, addressing health equity means making sure that all people … Read more

Health is Wealth

  Good health is wealth. It is more valuable than money and is the foundation of other wealth. It’s also the source of happiness. It’s worth working hard for. The more you can do to maintain good health, the more wealth you’ll have. It’s a good idea to make health a priority, even if you’re … Read more