UserTesting Adds Health and Wellness Templates to Human Insights Platform

UserTesting has added test templates for the Human Insight Platform that help companies test health and wellness experiences in the wellness applications industry, pharmaceutical industry, and medical care facilities.

The new templates help companies gather insights while adhering to regulations and requirements for data management of private health information. With human insights gathered from individuals who have opted-in to share their perspectives, organizations can quickly get real-world, real-time feedback to inform their design and development of health and wellness experiences.

The UserTesting templates for healthcare and wellness experiences incorporate best practices for recruiting contributors, securing consent to discuss health-related topics, and gathering feedback within the bounds of Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

This UserTesting template bundle is designed to provide health and wellness organizations with evaluations of patient portals, electronic health records and health and wellness apps; wearable device testing of fitness trackers, monitoring devices, and more; gathering patient experience feedback on in-person, telehealth, or long-term care experiences; and guidance on best practices for healthcare messaging comprehension.

Organizations can use UserTesting’s pre-built questions as-is or customize the templates. Capturing feedback can be done by leveraging the UserTesting first-party, opt-in network of contributors or getting feedback directly from their own customers, partners, and employees.

“The emergence of promising technology for the health and wellness industries is significantly driving growth in this market. During digital transformation, it is paramount that organizations reflect on how new developments of digital apps or wearable devices are impacting their end users,” said Janelle Estes. , chief insights officer of UserTesting, in a statement. “Having the human insight to help guide the design, development, and deployment of apps, devices, and patient interactions, while meeting regulatory standards, brings confidence and assurance to health and wellness organizations looking to uplevel their customer experiences.”

The new templates add to the more than 100 pre-built testing templates available on the UserTesting Human Insight Platform.


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