Consumer Confidence in Health Information from Non-Health Care Provider Sources on the Rise in The Harris Poll’s 2022 Health Information Trends Study

Trust in information from secondary sources like Internet searches, pharma companies, patient advocacy groups, and more has grown since 2019 Survey; Consumers need help making sense of online health information.

NEW YORK, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Harris Poll, a Stagwell (NASDAQ:STGW) company, today released results from the “2022 Health Information Trends Survey,” conducted among a nationally representative sample of over 2,000 US adults between June 15 and June 17, 2022, The survey – which expands upon research first conducted in 2019 on the public’s trust in health information sources – shows consumers are increasingly looking to non-health care providers for critical health information.

Findings from the “2022 Health Information Trends Survey” suggest the public is both confident in and confused by online information, leading to a ‘trust but verify’ approach to health information.

  • Consumers side-stepping health care providers for health information: A majority of US adults agree that they can often find the health information they need without going to a health care provider (63%). Nearly the same proportion (61%) agree they need help making sense of all the health information available online.
  • The proportion of adults who trust non-health care provider information sources is on the rise since 2019. Consumers report a great deal or a lot of trust in Internet searches (41% in 2022 vs. 33% in 2019), pharma companies (36% vs. 26%), patient advocacy groups (35% vs. 28%), and support groups (35% vs. 28%), among others. At the same time, trust in primary care providers and specialists has declined slightly from 2019; 78% of consumers say they trust their Primary Care Providers, down from 83% in 2019. 76% say they trust their specialists, down from 80% in 2019.
  • Verification sources: Among those who use specific sources of information1, more than nine in ten verify the information they find. The most common motivation prompting verification behavior, regardless of information source, is wanting to have more than one source with the same information followed by a belief that it’s hard to keep up because healthcare information is changing all the time.

“The data suggest a complex and evolving environment for healthcare consumers, communicators, and providers. The public is consuming healthcare information frequently from various sources and need more help making sense of what they find, what’s credible, and what’s not,” said Michele Salomon, Vice President at The Harris Poll. “Communicators must find new ways to reach consumers as non-traditional sources become trusted health care advisors. In this context – with noted reductions in trust for providers between our 2019 and 2022 surveys – the role of health care providers is diminished.”

Full findings from the report are available for download here.

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1 Sources examined in survey: online sources, health insurance company, government agencies, peer-reviewed medical journals, pharmaceutical companies, and patient advocacy groups or associations

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